Cradlestone Mall installs carrier-grade WiFi to enable new, interactive customer engagement and retail experience

Cradlestone Mall wanted to explore the use of technology in creating new possibilities for retail, immersing visitors in an unforgettable shopping experience. As the first mall in South Africa to use a carrier-grade platform for its public WiFi service, Cradlestone has boundless opportunities for exploring innovation in this unique retail space.

Cradlestone Mall is situated near the esteemed Cradle of Humankind, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that embodies the essence of endless discovery. It was this pioneering ethos that management wanted to convey in the design and overall experience of the mall development. Today, the mall boasts a vibrant mix of stores, restaurants and services which, together with its award-winning design, make it a popular attraction for both visitors and locals.

Premier public WiFi for endless possibilities

Any successful retail outlet has easy access to parking, great design and the right tenant mix. The management of Cradlestone Mall wanted to go beyond this and enable new, interactive experiences for shoppers as well as retailers. To help them achieve their vision of endless possibility, Internet Solutions and AlwaysOn partnered with Cradlestone Mall and implemented a premier WiFi solution, using a carrier-grade network to provide public WiFi to shoppers. This made Cradlestone Mall the first retail centre in the country to do so.

New frontiers in the retail experience and customer engagement

Why Carrier-grade WiFi? Simple: it can cope with the large data volumes usually associated with busy public places, enabling people to download rich media content, such as video, in seconds.

Not only does the mall offer this high-quality WiFi to visitors, but it gives them up to an hour’s worth of free, premium WiFi connectivity. So, whether they want to work or play, visitors to the mall can access content in a way that wasn’t previously possible on standard public WiFi. They can use data-intensive enterprise applications while having breakfast at one of the mall’s restaurants, or download a movie while waiting to try on a pair of shoes.

The solution has also given retailers within the mall the potential to push new frontiers in customer engagement, such as direct, targeted marketing opportunities, sponsorships and promotions, all geared towards giving visitors a seamless, interactive and more personal shopping experience – and changing the retail environment as we know it.

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