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Matthew Ashe Executive Head: Data Centres

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, every business is dealing with a rise in data. And with all of this information comes the challenge of figuring out how exactly to go about handling it.  A business decision that can be rather intimidating.

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As markets get more competitive, many businesses are opting to outsource their IT requirements as a way to stay ahead of the pack. In many instances, this means opting to partner with a service provider that will host their data in a data centre where the equipment, space and bandwidth are also rented out to various other companies. ”Business leaders can select an expert partner to manage their IT resources for them, all with the benefit of leveraging the colocation company's space and resources,” a Data Reality article reads.

Not only are colocation data centres cost-efficient, reliable and flexible, it also frees up internal IT staff to focus their efforts on other business critical tasks. For businesses dealing with large amounts of data, colocation is ideal because they’re able to scale up or down depending on their evolving needs and changes in the market. The larger the organisation and the larger the amount of data, the greater their need for sophisticated infrastructure, which would prove costly were a business to buy it on their own.

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There is no such thing as too much data

Big data has been a “buzzword” for some time now. When properly managed and analysed, this information has the potential to provide companies with countless insights into everything from market trends to customer behaviour. But most businesses lack the IT infrastructure to store and use this information to its full potential. The right colocation partner has the expertise and necessary equipment to ensure that their clients can always access this information and use it to their advantage. And businesses are never limited from a capacity perspective as they are free to scale up or down as their needs change.


Having a wealth of information is pretty useless if you aren’t able to access and use it to your advantage whenever and wherever you need it. As organisations grow, they often struggle to connect multiple offices and groups of staff in different locations in a reliable and efficient way. A colocation facility offers a range of connectivity choices so that businesses can perform required tasks with ease.


If your business secures a big project, chances are that your IT supply will struggle to keep up with the demand. Similarly, investing in new equipment, configuring it to meet your needs and getting it going as quickly as possible can all prove challenging. With colocation, none of this is your concern. Colocation facilities are built with scalability in mind. And once the project is complete you can downsize your requirements without any hassle.

Colocation gives you the freedom to scale as you grow, along with the added benefit of handing over responsibility to the professionals. If you’re unsure if your data centre meets the mark, download our Data Centre Checklist.

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