Freja Alvarsdotter
Freja Alvarsdotter Marketing and Operations Manager

Gone are the days when failover connectivity was limited to industries such as financial services or healthcare where downtime could cause massive disruptions.

It’s a reality today that most businesses are connected 24/7 and rely on Internet availability to function, uninterrupted.

Failover isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity

There are many reasons a primary Internet link could be interrupted, from bad weather or construction breaks to hardware failures. This is easily avoidable with a failover solution that provides a back-up Internet connection, ensuring that if your primary link goes down, your business will not experience downtime. To spread the potential points of failure, it is recommended that a different connectivity medium, or provider, is used to minimise the risk of both primary and failover links failing.

However, implementing these best practice recommendations has traditionally been cost-prohibitive for many businesses, with failover connectivity costing the same as primary links.

With the introduction of Internet Solutions’ new connectivity solutions, simple failover is not only possible, but highly cost-efficient. Let’s take a closer look:

  • IS Open Network (ISON) is a consumption-based service that works the same as a utility service. Businesses pay a small fee for access to the service, but only pay for the data that is consumed should the need arise. Since primary connections seldom fail, data consumption is minimal, so for most companies, failover connectivity costs will drop dramatically.
  • IS Mobilityconnects seven major cellular networks to a single device. Should a primary link fail, there are seven alternatives to ensure your business doesn’t experience even a minute of downtime – a worthwhile investment.

ISON and IS Mobility remove the need to pay for a failover link with the same capacity (and cost) as the primary link.

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