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Inem Essien CEO

Access to reliable IT solutions is a key component of a successful modern business.

The previously supportive role of IT has evolved and it is now central to driving business growth and keeping up with a changing business landscape. IS Nigeria understands this, which is why we have introduced a new product bundle that is curated to give SMEs the best advantage.

IS Business Basics is a mix of connectivity, cloud and security solutions that are convenient and reliable, leveraging the strongest infrastructure and expertise. In short: IS Business Basics is a modern SME’s secret weapon. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Internet access

Stable and reliable access to the Internet has only recently become an affordable reality for small businesses in many regions of Africa. But with IS Business Basics, this comes standard. An Internet service is a fundamental benefit of the IS Business Basics bundle. It promises 99.9% availability so your growing business never misses any targets or opportunities because of downtime. Our Internet service is supported by a network of submarine cable systems that help to guarantee uninterrupted connectivity.

Cloud Backup

Our Cloud Backup service gives you peace of mind by ensuring that all your critical business information can always be recovered. Data breaches are a danger of digitisation and SMEs are the most vulnerable and ill-equipped to bounce back. A secure data backup solution like Cloud Backup protects your business’s ability to survive an intrusion and continue to do business. All data is automatically backed up on a secure platform and can be quickly restored from any previous backup. Cloud Backup is a standard feature of the Business Basics product bundle.


However, even the most innovative SME IT solutions don’t add up to much without cybersecurity to protect them from malware and intrusions. Our security solution is backed by more than 20 years of experience in protecting corporate businesses in Africa. We deliver the latest releases of security operating systems automatically and provide your business with multiple layers of protection. The solution is dynamic enough to adjust as your business grows, providing consistent and scalable security throughout the life of your business.

Virtual machines

Virtualisation can offer SMEs more flexibility by allowing them to run their servers on our hardware infrastructure as virtualised machines. This gives them a secure and reliable way to scale their resources and capabilities while running their servers in a high-performance virtualised environment. We have world-class data centres spread across Africa, leading technical experts and cutting-edge virtualisation technology that allow us to deliver this service seamlessly.

Smart Hands

For our lucky Lagos clients, we have the optional add-on of Smart Hands. These are skilled technicians who are always ready to assist with the final configuration of networks. They can help make sense of installation instructions for devices and provide all kinds of support to our clients to help them through the final stretch of connecting to the Internet Solutions network.

For more information about IS Business Basics, feel free to get in touch.

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