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Inem Essien CEO

The Nigerian mobile market has emerged as the fastest growing mobile market in Africa. Launched in 2001, it has registered triple-digit growth rates in subscriber numbers.

Yet despite this growth, users are still faced with issues when it comes to accessing reliable, constant and fast connectivity in multiple regions. Yes, there are seven service providers but not all of them offer equal coverage across the Federation, leaving users to manually switch between multiple devices – each connected to a different network – to make sure you can be reached anywhere.

For businesses that have multiple branches or employees that are constantly on the move, this connectivity challenge poses a significant productivity problem. A lack of network coverage can prevent them and their devices from accessing applications and other networks when they need to.

Imagine enjoying constant mobile connectivity…without necessarily being in Lagos, Kano or Ibadan. How about expanding your business’s footprint to outlying regions by connecting your branches across several sites in Nigeria, no matter which provider you use?

This is where IS Mobility comes in to change the face of modern connectivity in Nigeria.

Connectivity that goes beyond borders

IS Mobility offers dependable connectivity anywhere in Nigeria by letting you automatically switch to the network offering the best connectivity – GPRS, 3G or 4G – where you are. What’s more, it provides access to seven cellular networks from just one service effectively eliminating the need for manual intervention or multiple device use – a big time- and cost-saving benefit.

Combine this with the option to set up a secure virtual private network (VPN) for users to access a corporate network from their devices, and you have access to a powerful on-the-go business connectivity medium. The world of mobile connectivity knows no borders which is why IS Mobility works in more than 100 countries worldwide once the International Bundle is activated. This means you can enjoy seamless connectivity without having to pay for roaming, all still connected to a single service.

Unlocking the power of a mobile workforce

In today’s digital-everything market, it’s essential for businesses to provide their employees with the ability to work outside of traditional brick-and-mortar offices. This does, however, require constant monitoring of the corporate network to make sure employees can continue to collaborate, innovate and deliver. Bad connections, buffering streaming and dropped calls can make this a frustrating and time-consuming challenge. This doesn’t even begin to touch on the budget problems you can run into with data usage going out of control very quickly.

IS Mobility takes a two-pronged approach to overcome these hurdles. Firstly, it gives you the option to buy a pool of data that you can allocate among different devices in branches and to different users. As your business and user needs change, you can easily adapt the split of the data between your sites or users. You only pay for what you use which alleviates budgetary constraints. Secondly, thanks to its automatic switching capability your employees’ devices will always connect to whichever network is the strongest where they are – without them even noticing it.

The future of mobility in Nigeria

From banks who require constant connectivity for their ATMs to supermarkets and other businesses with branches all over the country: IS Mobility is already being used by some of our biggest customers across Nigeria and demand is rapidly growing.

We believe IS Mobility will revolutionise the way connectivity is consumed. Not only will it disrupt the market by putting the customer first, it will also improve the modern, mobile lifestyle of consumers and support fast-paced, always-available business needs. We are giving the power back to the customer; we are providing them the opportunity to enjoy connectivity their way.

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