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Most businesses today are more reliant on data and technology than ever. Servers are at their heart and keep the information flowing.

But when servers crash, the business grinds to a halt. When unplanned server downtime strikes, the consequences can be dire. The financial and data losses coupled with the loss of productivity can prove to be a nightmare for CEOs and cause significant damage to the brand.

Big brand failures

Many large organisations around the world have been the victims of server outages, even banks and airlines have borne the brunt of these breakdowns. In 2013, the Bank of America made headlines when its online banking system was down for several days, preventing customers from accessing their accounts.

In 2010, the Australian airline Virgin Blue suffered a crash that knocked out its reservation, check-in and boarding systems for 11 days, preventing customers from taking the flights they had paid for.

Reputational damage

Nigerian businesses have also been the victims of server crashes that resulted in irate customers, many of whom took to social media to voice their frustrations. The resulting reputational damage to brands often lives on for years afterwards.

The reality is that Nigeria is also very much a part of the social media ecosystem that has become so pervasive in the 21st century. Social media channels and other opinion-sharing platforms make it easy for customers to express their anger and share it with thousands of others around the globe. This has the power to bring down a brand overnight.

Impact on customer relations

The damage from server downtime can be difficult to recover from. It’s easy for today’s customers to vote with their feet and switch to a competitor if they can’t access the services or products they want when they want. In such cases, business rivals are quick to take the opportunity to pounce and poach customers.

Your customers might not all flee at the first outage, but their confidence will be eroded. This loss of trust will spread to potential new customers and each outage will only worsen the situation.

Staffing costs

Server issues can also negatively affect staff morale and performance. They could become demoralised and frustrated with their inability to perform their duties effectively. As customers begin to leave, their invaluable expertise leaves with them.

Data centres to the rescue

By investing in a quality data centre, Nigerian businesses can substantially lower the risk of server downtime. Outsourcing your data centre and its maintenance to seasoned experts is a safe and highly cost-effective approach.

IS offers unique hosting and colocation cloud computing which is telco-agnostic and provides the ideal location as a hub for online business. We provide security and stability through services which can also be seamlessly integrated with an organisation’s cloud-managed services and cloud security services to deliver an end-to-end hosting solution.

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