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Partnering with the right data solutions provider is a critical element of business planning and management for Nigerian businesses.

As data becomes more entrenched in every business operation, there’s a greater need to implement effective storage and security measures to safeguard against downtime or a large-scale data breach. Nigeria ranks in the top five on the list of most-targeted African countries for cyberattacks and 60% of businesses in the country suffer a cyberattack each year.

There is greater competition among data centre vendors than ever before as they need to provide more than a safe place to store data – they need to help businesses increase their overall productivity. And at IS, our data centres have proved to do just that.

Supporting your business

Our state-of-the-art data centres across Africa give our customers access to unique co-location hosting services that provide the ideal environment to host content-rich and high-density networks.

With more than 10 500m² of co-location space in our data centres and 18MW of power, IS can deliver cost-effective and high-performance data centre services that help achieve each business’s unique strategic goals. We also have the expertise and guaranteed support so you can rest assured that your data is always available and secure for enhanced performance and productivity.

The benefits of IS data centres

  • Improved business focus

By entrusting us with your administrative and operational data management, you save time and precious resources that can be utilised elsewhere in the business to help promote company growth.

  • Low investment and cost-effective

Our fixed overheads and cost-effective pricing ensure that we can provide you with optimal space and service without a large capital investment. Our managed data centre services cover installation, integration, migration and on-site hardware and software maintenance.

  • Flexible and scalable

We have designed and built our own data centres, which gives us ultimate control to manage, maintain and ensure a telecommunication-agnostic environment. With our data centre service, you can easily expand your business and relocate offices without disruptions to your data management. By reducing the need for additional office space, you have the freedom to meet growing demands easily and effectively.

  • Robust safety and security

At IS, we take every precaution to ensure that our data centres are secure from any physical threats. Our data centres are controlled with biometric access and we have round-the-clock surveillance and monitoring. Our vault solution also adds an additional layer of protection between unauthorised personnel and your sensitive business data.

  • Enhanced business continuity

The infrastructures of all our data centres are resilient and redundant to minimise any exposure to threats such as loss of power or connectivity downtime. Our gigabit connectivity reduces network downtime while our guaranteed and stable electrical power supply and UPS systems in each facility withstand power outages and safeguard your equipment against surges in electrical currents.

  • Environmentally friendly and efficient

We always strive to find new ways to reduce our environmental impact such as alternative cooling methods to reduce the resources we consume. By making use of our data centres, you minimise your electricity usage which reduces costs and enhances on-site performance.

IS – your preferred data centre provider

Our advanced data centres and co-location solutions have been specifically designed to offer businesses comprehensive data management solutions that optimise productivity, reduce the risk of threats, and is cost-effective. Combined with our expertise and continuous innovation, we ensure business continuity while finding new ways to improve our offering and green strategy.

By letting IS take care of your business-critical data, you can rest assured that your information is always available and secure so you can focus on growing your business.

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