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Africa is ripe with opportunity, but only for businesses that embrace innovation.

People need to move away from the idea that innovation should create a “big disruption”, or the opposite, using it to try and achieve quick wins. It should involve making a plan when faced with real problems. Innovation has to be purpose-driven.

Every year, the Global Innovation Index ranks the innovation performance of about 130 economies around the world. It is a quantitative tool ranking system that tests each country’s success in innovation. Nigeria ranked quite low this year, but this simply means there’s room for improvement. The index stated that overall, sub-Saharan African countries performed well.

Innovation starts with people

Liezl Rees wrote in the Daily Maverick: “Innovation is vital to economic growth and competitiveness. It plays a critical role in job creation through increased productivity, improving the lives of the poor by providing better products and services, generating higher levels of income and returns, attracting investment and building infrastructure. Nowhere is this more relevant, and needed, than in Africa today.”

The key to innovation in any business and country is to focus on your people. Think about what they need. The formula for success is to identify what people need, surround yourself with excellent employees and then come up with the process and incrementally improve upon the model.

This cannot be achieved if businesses are running on legacy systems or ones that add unnecessary complexities to the equation. According to the Harvard Business Review , innovation remains a challenge in Africa because of “poor technical manpower and inadequate infrastructure”.

Finding the right IT solutions

Embracing IT is necessary for innovation and success – and this means across the enterprise. The days of siloed IT departments are long gone. The information technology team now plays an integral role in business strategy and development with the potential to improve processes throughout the organisation.

Ensuring that your enterprise is equipped with the IT resources (including human resources) needed for short- and long-term success often means partnering with an expert provider of IT solutions.

Doing everything in-house is not always affordable or efficient. Outsourcing some or all of your IT needs allow for access to the latest knowledge, products and services, as well as the flexibility to make changes as your business evolves. It’s an easy way of ensuring you have the most efficient, appropriate information technology systems and applications in place at any given time.

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