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The rapid evolution and adoption of digital technologies mean that Nigerian CIOs have to be at the forefront of technological innovation.

ICT is the cornerstone of Nigeria's social, economic and political sectors. And it is expected that technological innovations such as big data analytics, IoT and AI will further enable and transform these sectors.

The onus is on CIOs to not only embrace these technologies but to show their worth and ensure that they are properly adopted by the company. In this blog, we unpack the technologies that are shaping the corporate world and how Nigerian CIOs can go about implementing them.

Align technology with business goals

As a CIO, you will be asked to outline a digital strategy that will highlight digital opportunities to align with the goals of the business. In other words, it’s your responsibility to motivate for the implementation and effective use of data, software and new technology. CIOs have to assess the demographics and behaviour of their workforce and customers before new technology is proposed as the solutions have to reflect how they interact with it.

Your need to focus on the requirements of the business implies a move from being a service provider to an enterprise enabler. Driving successful technological innovation relies on a comprehensive understanding of where the business is now, where it needs to be and how to get there.

Next, you must identify the best mix of mobile technology, user-centric interfaces and social functionality to ensure that what’s delivered is felt by the entire organisation and sets up the enterprise for continuous growth.

Be digitally disruptive

Businesses that don’t embrace digital disruption will lag behind as customers seek solutions elsewhere to satisfy their evolving tech needs. It’s important to know what your competitors are doing but beware of copycat behaviour. Look for technology in the context of your own business, don’t rush into exploiting technologies just because others are doing the same. The point is to use digitally disruptive technology that helps your business break through the noise and allows you to do more seamless work with very little additional input.

Make usability a priority

Businesses often need to compromise on the usability of the software or technology that they choose to implement. This is because they have to accommodate certain functional requirements or access added benefits such as AI enablement. However, poor usability hinders your opportunity for long-term implementation success. Delivering great customer experience relies on a team that is confident and well-versed in the business technology that’s being used.

Navigating your way through the evolving CIO’s role requires a deep understanding of all aspects of the business and how one aspect affects another. In other words, you must formulate an effective digital strategy that combines business knowledge and technical expertise and leverages information technology to create unique customer value.

At Internet Solutions, we believe that IT solutions should be built into the core strategy, systems and processes of a business to have a meaningful impact. But you must first undergo a digital transformation with the right people leading the charge. Download our trend report to ensure you are the digital enabler in the business.

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