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If businesses in Africa hope to embark on a higher growth and development trajectory, there should be a greater investment in ICT – and it should happen soon.

Many African countries aspire to become information societies but in ITU’s ICT Development Index of 2017, only South Africa features in the top 100 – which is a cause for concern. So how can IT step in and aid communication technologies?

To become an information society, there has to be a rapid rate of information transfer. The proper communication technology tools will speed up the sharing of information. With the use of centralised computer systems, the workforce will be able to locate information from one central unit. It will also speed up decision-making – think of the use of video conferencing instead of travelling to meet somewhere. This, in turn, will speed up participation in organisational processes.

ICT’s impact in Africa

In Africa, as in the rest of the world, the improvement of ICT will deliver growth and prosperity based on greater inclusion, social cohesion and environmental sustainability. What was once technological infrastructure will become social infrastructure – seamless, intuitive and integral – connecting not just people but communities, systems, processes and intelligence. New opportunities will emerge for people to collaborate, innovate and participate in ways that positively impact their lives and in turn, the world.

What needs to be achieved

Governments across Africa must become involved if the continent hopes to improve the ICT sector. The pressure is on for governments to have a clear vision and understanding of the benefits of ICT for citizens, nations and economies on the continent. Nigeria boasts a highly tech-savvy population that should be fostered.

African governments require a realistic roadmap to show how infrastructure should be deployed. And there is also a clear need for governments to collaborate with experts in the industry. Besides that, collaboration across the board – be it government, corporate and IT expert providers – is what will spearhead the growth of the ICT sector in Africa.

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