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Imagine you worked in a business where the different amenities were housed in different buildings. Assuming you had a to print a document, you’d have to leave your desk, walk out of your building and head over to the one next door to collect your printed document. Now you need your colleague to sign the document and you haven’t got a pen. A quick stroll to the stationary building and you’re all sorted. Feeling a little peckish, you head to the building with the canteen to grab a bite to eat. And so it goes on and on.

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While this scenario may work wonders for your waistline, chances are it’ll have a negative impact on your productivity. If you’re looking to boost workplace productivity, implementing solutions that bring everything together is a great idea.

With access to some of the world’s biggest cloud platforms, SkyLight allows organisations to be more productive by allowing them to manage multiple cloud services in one platform. It also gives you more options for setting up and managing your virtual environment. The first aggregated cloud services portal of its kind, SkyLight delivers on the promise of the cloud to foster flexibility and provide the visibility that most modern enterprises demand.

With SkyLight, you can tailor your cloud environment to meet your unique needs.

  • Increase IT infrastructure as your requirements change:

With the freedom to try out various technologies, you can easily speed up your production time and time to market depending on your needs. And with a wide range of cloud platforms to choose from, you can easily increase your virtual resources as your business grows.

  • SkyLight boosts productivity:

Improved access to the latest platforms and apps and enables employees to work from anywhere without issues or delays.

  • Manage more with less:

SkyLight gives you one platform for managing all the cloud platforms you use. Unlike the scenario described above with all the amenities in different buildings, with SkyLight you don’t have to work with different interfaces or switch from one management system to another. Having everything in the same place means you’ll have fewer admin headaches and more time to focus on business-critical tasks.

  • SkyLight allows flexible pricing with no lock-ins:

Many businesses are concerned about vendor lock-in because this inhibits their agility should their needs change. SkyLight’s flexible billing function allows you to estimate the costs of increasing resources in any environment so you can better manage stakeholder expectations and make reliable predictions about your future requirements.

With SkyLight, there’s no need to spend money and time on owning and maintaining your IT infrastructure. If you’re looking for a fully integrated cloud platform, we have the perfect solution. To schedule a SkyLight demo, do get in touch.

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