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Loveline Kasomo Client Services Engineer

Nigeria is the largest mobile market in Africa and still has vast potential for continued growth.

The first mobile services in Nigeria were introduced in 2001, but growth in the mobile communications sector has been so fast that mobile penetration surpassed fixed-line penetration very quickly, with wireline penetration struggling at barely 1%. By 2004, total telecom investment reached $10 billion, roughly equivalent to 36 trillion naira.

According to The Mobile Economy West Africa report: “Over the period to 2025, around 72 million new mobile subscribers will be added in West Africa, taking subscriber penetration to 54%.” Nigeria's mobile penetration hit 84% in 2017 due to the increased availability of lower prices for phones allowing more people to have their own devices.

How mobile networks impact on your workforce

More business leaders are embracing the mobile workforce trend because they understand that remote workers are typically more productive and that this approach saves companies money, But let’s not get too excited just yet. For your teams to be as effective outside a traditional office as they would be inside, they need certain tools and technologies. And this is where connectivity comes in. When you let your employees choose where and how they want to work, they will need a secure connection that allows them to get their jobs done no matter what.

Most white-collar local staff commute 1-3 hours on the road in each direction in Lagos. Business owners are reluctant to allow employees to remote work because of mistrust, but they should be more open to it because remote working will promote job satisfaction and efficiency. Your employees will be less stressed and as a result, more productive. There is no need to worry about access to a reliable network when you’re using IS’s mobile Internet solutions.

The IS mobility solution

Access Point Name (APN) solutions from IS provide fast, secure connectivity from mobile devices to the network you choose – be it your private company intranet, the Internet, or both.

You can think of an APN as an access code that a cellular network uses to direct you to the corporate network or the Internet, depending on where the APN allows you to go. This lets you unlock the value of a range of mobile networks and empowers your workforce without compromising security.

Our mobility solution offers dependable connectivity anywhere in Nigeria. It provides access to seven cellular networks from just one service and will automatically switch to the network offering the best connectivity – GPRS, 3G or 4G – wherever you are. This means that we identify and automatically select and use the network with the best service in the location where you’re working.

Authentication is in line with your governance and risk controls, which allows you to control what sites or networks employees may access using the company’s mobile data. We offer a choice of APN types. These include:

Corporate APN: This allows your employees to access the intranet securely from anywhere that has cellular connectivity, and with any carrier locally and internationally. You’ll receive a unique APN that employees use to access a secure, dedicated link from their cellphones using 3G or 4G to our MPLS environment. From here, they can connect to your company’s intranet and access business systems and applications. Where policies allow it, they may also connect to the Internet.

Shared APN: Your organisation utilises the IS APN infrastructure. In this scenario, your employees can access the Internet from anywhere that has cellular connectivity, locally and internationally. This connectivity is for the Internet only, so there’s no risk of unauthorised access to your corporate intranet with this solution. The solution can also be implemented with a VPN solution to allow secure access to a client network.

We offer coverage across various mobile networks and have roaming agreements in place with all the big local telcos. This means that our users can expect reliable coverage from just about anywhere. Our APN solutions are quick to access and easy to use, so your mobile teams don’t have to worry about poor connectivity or staying in touch with their colleagues. To find out more about our connectivity and mobility solutions, take a closer look at the service.

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