If you’re hosting data and applications in a virtual environment, you need a disaster recovery service provider that understands the challenges this could present to business continuity.

You may have sleepless nights because a host server is running a number of workloads for critical applications, or the resource-heavy backups on virtual machines are slowing down the process.

DRaaS (disaster recovery as a service) is a cloud disaster recovery service that’s designed to replace these concerns with a single solution. It enables the continuous replication of your IS virtual environment at a secure site in a separate location.

Make business continuity a reality

Support business requirements, no matter what

Replicate your data and applications, quickly and safely

Any form of downtime will have an impact on your organisation – financial, legal or reputational – so it’s vital that you’re able to preserve data and keep applications running in the event of a service outage.

DRaaS is a disaster recovery cloud service that helps you support business requirements for the ongoing availability of applications and data. With the increased risks and potential instability growing environments present, it is important that you are able to replicate and recover any lost data or applications as your business continues to expand, without interrupting critical business processes.

Data and applications replicated in the disaster recovery site are secure, so your business, customers and employees are protected against loss of critical data.

Restore your environment, just like that

If there is a failure in your primary environment, you can be up and running again in (almost) no time, with minimal disruption to your operations. Just log in to the management portal to initiate a failover to the disaster recovery site.

For employees, it will be business as usual – they won’t have to wait for hours for systems to become available again, or spend days trying to recover or redo work. DRaaS has a recovery point objective of four hours and a recovery time objective of just eight minutes.This ensures that any loss of production is kept as low as possible by minimising the effect an environment failure could have.

Fast failover and recovery times

Quick replication and performance reporting as required

Run, replicate, restore

DRaaS has moved replication from the storage to Hypervisor layer, which allows for the fast and efficient replication of critical applications and data in your virtual environment (primary site) to our secure disaster recovery (secondary) site.

You can choose to replicate individual virtual machines, or virtual machine groups. DRaaS caters for an array of operating systems and applications, of any size.

Free disaster recovery testing

Don’t just take our word for it – log in to the self-service portal at any time to run disaster recovery testing in the environment.

DRaaS gives you eight hours of testing per server, per month, at no extra charge. You don’t have to wait until disaster strikes before you test your recovery services.

By using this free testing service you can better equip your teams to understand what needs to happen should the worst occur, giving you added peace of mind. This will greatly assist with ongoing disaster planning to ensure your business has the necessary protection in place.

On-demand performance reporting

Maintaining a healthy replicated environment is an important part of ensuring your organisation’s data and applications can be recovered successfully. Reports on the state of replicated virtual machines and replication performance statistics are available from the management portal, so you’ll always have an accurate view of your disaster recovery environment to help bolster your disaster recovery plan.

Flexible backup and billing options

Disaster recovery that grows with your bausiness

A platform that accommodates expanding environments

Buying and maintaining a dedicated solution for your virtual environment can be a costly and resource-intensive exercise. And, as your organisation grows, your disaster recovery solution will need to expand with it. Without sufficient disaster recovery services in place, you could suffer devastating data loss that could hinder your business as it moves forward on its growth journey.

Maintaining and monitoring your primary and recovery environments can become increasingly challenging as your business grows. Our virtualised platform will grow to accommodate your business continuity needs, and it’s still easy to manage everything through a single interface.

Pay only for the resources you use

With DRaaS, you don’t have to worry about (or budget for) large investments in disaster recovery infrastructure. We provide the hardware and software as well as the expertise to manage it.

You don’t need to worry about spending valuable budgets on services you might never use. You choose what you want to replicate – individual machines or groups – and you pay only for the resources you use, when you use them. You decide what to back up, test and recover, at any time, and we bill you accordingly.

Disaster Recovery as a Service from Internet Solutions

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